Photography Through the Seasons



Straight to the point.


Copiously illustrated with examples to provide you with inspiration.

One of the joys of living in more temperate latitudes is the change brought about by the different seasons. In particular it is the variety of photographic opportunities that these seasons bring that provides us with opportunities for great photography.


This Bullet Point book on Photography Through the Seasons helps you to get the best possible photographs in each season.


The question is, "How dos a photographer handle each of the seasons in order to get the best possible images?"


The answer is not always obvious, as the text and photographs show.


There is an emphasis on the weather conditions in each seasoning and how these determine the best photographs throughout the year.


So if you want to display the time of the year, follow the guidelines set out in this Bellet Point book.


Follow the advice provided here. Modify it to suit your own preferences and opportunities, and at the end of a 12-month period you will have some stunning photographs of the changing seasons.

Downloadable .PDF file

ONLY £1.99

You will save far more than that from the benefits that this book brings.

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