On1 Photo 10

All the bells and whistles for most processing needs.


On1 Photo 10 will allow you to do almost anything you want. It is a comprehensive package of useful soft􀁺ware that allows you to:

- Browse

- Create special E􀁹ects

- Resize

- Use for the editing of Portraits with dedicated tools.

- Share on Social Media sites direct from this soft􀁺ware

Normal processing is done from the Enhance option where you can work directly on an image or on a copy of that image (using a copy preserves your original). When you get to more advanced processing you can also work in Layers.


On1 Photo 10 works as a plug-in to Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom®, and/or as a stand alone application.


- On1 Photo 10 is an extremely competent so􀁺ware package for image processing.

- It will provide you with all of the basic tools that you need and the some, taking you into more advanced processing techniques.

- Can be used as a stand-alone soft􀁺ware package.

The opening screen in the Enhance mode (your normal starting point once the image has been imported) looks like this:

- The left􀁺-hand column provides a selection of Presets. These provide you with versions of your image that have been through a number of editorial changes. Amongst these may well be just the version you wanted to create, and with one selection click there it is on your screen ready and done.

- However, even your chosen Preset may not be quite that you wanted so you can choose from the adjustment tools on the right-hand screen. Any alterations made with these tools fine-tune your chosen Preset.

- The available adjustments include the ability to change: Exposure, Contrast, Shadow detail, Highlight detail, the intensity of the whites or blacks, the colour temperature (i.e. your white balance setting), the tint, as well as the saturation and vibrance of the colours within the image.

- Sharpening and noise reduction are carried out in their own panels.


The crocodile was photographed in Uganda on 35mm transparency film. I scanned it in order to create a digital file. As a result of the age of the transparency and the scanning process it has lost some of its "zing". So, I undertook some adjustments to the exposure, sharpened the image, increased the contrast and slightly altered the colour balance. The result:

- This is a much stronger image with better colour rendering, and looking sharp.

- If you are following the modern trend where black and white images are the "in-thing" you will like the

black and white conversion process that is available at the click of a button. A useful starting point here is to go to the Presets again.

Scanned transparency of Owen Falls Dam, Jinja, Uganda

Screen with black and white presets in the left􀁺-hand column.

- From these Presets I chose the Albumen option, simply because it takes us back to an earlier time in photography and reminded me that Winston Churchill, in the early 1900's stood where I was standing (looking at the River Nile coming out of Lake Victoria) and predicting that this would be a good site for a power station. He was right, the Owen Falls dam and power station are now located at this point.

- You will notice that there are controls in the right-hand panel that allow detailed modifications of the Preset to be made.

- As you can tell, the On1 Photo 10 soft􀁺ware provides a comprehensive set of tools for image processing, assisted by the availability of Presets. At the moment you can get some FREE Effects for Photo 10 as a plug-in for Photoshop by ON1 Effects 10 FREE plugin for Photoshop" target="_blank">clickingON1 Effects 10 FREE plugin for Photoshop"> here.

- I really enjoy using On1 Photo 10 - and frequently do.

- There is more information on the On1 web site, easily accessed by clicking here.


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