Serif Photo Plus X8 (PC)


As Serif Affinity Photo becomes available for the PC the price of Serif Photo Plus X8 has dropped to an incredibly low £19.99

It is available as a Serif legacy software, but is no longer supported.

However, if you can get it you will have a bargain.

The low-cost highly competent and popular PC software from Serif.


- This is an all bells and whistles image processing so􀁺ware for the PC.

- It provides the beginner with easy to operate tools, and a route into more advanced processing when you are ready.

- Some great tools for portrait work.

- High definition viewing, good at selecting objects that need to be cut-out or edited independently of the rest of the image.

- Can work with 16-bit RAW files.


- For PC users starting out in image processing it may well come down to:

"Do I choose Adobe Elements 14, OnOne Photo 10 or Serif Photo Plus X8."

- Don't dismiss the Serif so􀁺ware until you have read this review - you could be in for a surprise as to just how good it is for the price.

I made my first visit to the European HQ of Serif in the early 1990s.

At that time they were marketing low-cost (but very eff􀁹ective )software for the PC user. I acquired most of their software and thoroughly benefitted from doing so.

During my visits I did remark to them that the one thing that was missing was a good low cost image processing software.

Someone was either listening or had the same thought, for within a few years Serif Photo Plus was born.

About 15 years ago I abandoned my PC for a Mac, and lost touch with the PC software that Serif was marketing, until I installed Parallels on my Mac and acquired Serif Photo Plus X8 to run on Windows soft􀁺ware.

How things have moved on! This is a great image processing package at an incredibly low price.

Read this Review and see what you think.

By clicking on 'Browse my computer' you can select an image for processing, which then opens up in the processing screen.

My aim with the image I have chosen is to create a black and white image from this colour original.

The process begins with some basic editing of the image, using the tools that are shown down each margin of the screen.

Down the left􀁺-hand side are the tools you will find in every software package:

- cropping tool

- selection tool

- clone tool

- red eye reduction tool

- color fill tool

- text overlay tool

..... and so on

If you are new to image processing you will find a very helpful screen at the bottom of the left􀁺-hand margin.

This gives you the chance to ask the soft􀁺ware to do something for you, show you how certain tools work,

remove blemishes from your image, or to provide you with a link to the Help screen.

This is Serif's way of making your introduction to image processing as easy as possible.

Down the right-hand side is a full set of panels

that allow you to make changes to the whole image.

These allow you to change such properties as:



colour balance


.... and so on

At the bottom you can pick out the fact

that this so􀁺ware includes the use of

Layers - vital when it comes to more advanced

image processing

- Within a Filter Gallery lies the sharpening tool, amongst others.

- Here I have expanded the Artistic Filter - as you see this opens a set of Presets so that you can make a quick judgement about which version to use.

- The 'Other' option provides access to the Black and White conversion option - which I applied to the colour image on the screen:

- From there I went back to the image adjustment panel (on the right-hand side of the screen) and carried out a few adjustments to improve this B&W image.

- These adjustments were made using Layers (so that I could delete them if I didn't like the eff􀁹ect they produced). After some Levels and Contrast adjustments the Layers were flattened and the image was saved.


As you can tell, this Serif Photo Plus X8 soft􀁺ware can do (with ease) everything that you are likely to ask of it - and there are plenty of additional tools if you need to take things further. For example, you can open and edit a RAW file (in 16 Bits/Channel).

Much like most of the "Starter" soft􀁺ware it is capable of taking you well into Advanced Processing if that is where you want to go.

For the price it is astonishingly capable. You can obtain a copy of Photo Plus X8 here, now.

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