Straight to the point.

Copiously illustrated with examples to provide you with inspiration.




















It is important to remember, however, that it is the photographer who creates the photograph - and that is YOU.

Your pleasure in photographing water will increase as you become more proficient.

Begin by practising the ideas succinctly provided thought this Bullet Point book.

There are many examples that you can follow and use as an inspiration for your own photography.





Choice of camera

Choice of lenses

Camera settings


Worthwhile subjects

Photogenic light

























You want to take good photographs of water?

You want to get away from the point-and-shoot approach that so many of the people around you seem to be using?

You want images that your friends will admire?

This book will show you how.

The aim is to instruct, inspire, give you new ideas, and to make you more proficient.

This book is about photographic skills. It will show you how to achieve images that you will be proud to claim as your own.


Choice of camera

CSC cameras

DSLR cameras

A note on sensor resolution

Choice of lenses

Camera settings

The histogram

The link between shutter speed

and aperture

Controlling aperture

Controlling shutter speed


Guidance on the use of a “big Stopper” filter

Using a polarizing filter

Worthwhile subjects

Water at work

Water-people interactions

In Conclusion

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