Take a simple concept:

"The best and most appreciated photo compositions are those that reflect patterns and forms that we see in nature."

Accept the findings that:

"These forms are replicated by the patterns that can be generated using the value of Phi=1.618."

Be delighted that these patterns have been generated for you and are available for you to download from the web.

Here is an example of one such pattern superimposed on a photograph, and used to decide the borders to which it should be cropped:


                                     and a more intricate example:

The available matrices also include triangular forms and (critically) the "golden spiral".

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PhiMatrix is an innovative design and analysis software tool for Windows or Mac inspired by Phi, the Golden Ratio.  Use it to unveil the beauty of nature‚Äôs proportions or apply it to your own designs and artistic creations.  It overlays a variety of transparent grids over any other program to let you see and apply the golden ratio and other proportions to any image, and is a great tool to achieve excellence in any kind of design.  Applications include logo design, photo composition, photo cropping, matting and framing, web site design, facial beauty analysis, cosmetic dentistry, stock market analysis and a variety of graphic design applications.